Cost-effective, reliable road repair and surfacing solutions throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Pothole Repair Specialists

We are experts in pothole repair and are operating throughout the Glasgow and Edinburgh area. We offer a range of pothole repair services for customers that are looking for a well-known company to repair potholes on their property or business premises. Our professional team of pothole contractors with over 25 years experience in the sector can provide a solution for:

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What is a pothole?

Potholes are cracked surfaces that have led to a hole in a pavement, driveway or road they are normally caused by the expansion and contraction of water that has entered the ground underneath the road surface. To prevent water getting into the pothole repair, it’s vital to ensure the edges of the repair are properly sealed which is why our contractors and civil engineers have over 25 years experience in laying hot asphalt, mastic or bitumen-based material to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely with the least amount of inconvenience to you or your business with a quality finish.

Experienced Pothole Repair Company

With over 25 years’ experience, we specialise in reliable pothole repairs to roads of all types and classes, school playgrounds, car parks, factory yards, commercial and industrial premise, retail parks, and any other road and tarmac areas.

With many years’ experience, all our pothole repair services in Glasgow and Edinburgh are carried out within budget and timescale, to the highest industry standards and with minimal disruption to the public and your business. We patch with hot asphalt, mastic or bitumen-based materials because this method is suitable for most locations, surfaces and is recognised as the preferred repair solution due to how durable, economical & permanent it is.

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Our expert team can carry out all types repairs from just a few small potholes to large scale road and motorway repairs. We always ensure that we apply the correct preparation, equipment and machinery for the individual job. Contact us today for a free site survey, a no-obligation quote or for help or advice on 01315 499 543 for Edinburgh or 01413 099 147 for Glasgow